• " जल ही जीवन है",

    यह तो सब बताते हैं लेकिन पूछता हूँ मैं यह बताने वाले इसको कितना बचाते हैं

  • " जल है तो कल है ",

    जल बिना जग है सुना पानी बचाओ का प्रयास करो सब कोई दूना.

  • " जल जीवन का आधार ",

    जल बिन जीवन नहीं रहेगा जल की महिमा जानो. आज अभी से जल संरक्षण करने कि तुम ठानो.

Who We Are

Amrut Kalash Mahotsav was started with the purpose of creating awareness to preserve water and protect water resources. Based in Vadodara, Gujarat.

Vision & Mission

Our aim is to highlight the significance of the finite resource- Water and to bring awareness to global citizens about importance of saving water

Our Approach

At Amrut Kalash Mahotsav, we understand that instant actions are required to make citizens realize to do their bit to save this precious gift of nature.

PUSHTIDHAM (Upcoming Spritual Endeavor)

Girl in a jacket

5000 +

We believe in Reach, Frequency & Impact. We will b joined by a large number of Gram Panchayats & to reciprocate their efforts in water conservation, The 'Sarpanchshri' will be conferred ' Pavitra Jal Kalash' at Kalash Arpan Ceremony

2000 +

As a part of this International Campaign, we are abridging 2000+ Dedicated Volunteers including India & Abroad

200 +

For Such a Noble Cause Of Humanity, We are privileged with more than 200 Educational Institutions & Their Esteemed Support is emerging as ‘Knowledge Partner‘

51 +

In our constant journey towards achieving objective ‘ Pourable Water For All’ , we are proud to reaffirm that it’s not a journey alone. Renowned Corporates are joining hands with us to thrive this objective & thereby adjoined with ‘ Corporate Social Responsibility’

Upcoming Events

Hon'ble Shri Jitubhai Vaghani, President, BJP Gujarat

More than 7000 citizens will take part in 'My Run for my Future', first of its kind and will take an oath to save water for future. Hon'ble Shri Jitubhai Vaghani, President, BJP Gujarat will flag-off Aquathon.

Maestro Shree Shankar Mahadevan

Vadodara will witness a Grand Musical Concert 'My Country - My Music' by Thrill "Breathless" with one and only Maestro Shankar Mahadevan, Who will show his support for the campaign by his euphonious voice.

Gallantry Award For Water Conservation

Manage Water As You Manage Business
Amrut Kalash Jury is proud to announce & confer GAWC to Entrepreneurs Imparting Ethical Practices To Save Water

श्री द्वारकेशलालजी महाराजश्री वचनामृत

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Aquathon 2018 , Vadodara

Our Activities

Bright Day School, Ambalal Park

Shree Ambe Vidhyalaya